Sherratt Ingredients is proud to introduce DairyChem’s latest innovation: an exciting new range of savoury compound flavours that are set to redefine culinary experiences. This new range opens the door to a diverse variety of flavour possibilities, from the fresh burst of freshly cut coriander to hearty roast onion and even the indulgence of peanut butter. Compounded flavours involve a complex blend of aromatic flavouring agents (including aroma molecules, essential oils, oleoresins, and extracts) held within a solvent base, that has been designed to impact a desired flavour profile. The final flavour is typically crafted with specific attributes in mind: intense potency, absence of allergens, and the ability to remain shelf-stable over a prolonged duration. Every flavour in DairyChems new collection has been carefully developed to complement a wide range of applications including marinades, seasonings, soups, sauces, dressings, and more.

DairyChem’s legacy of taste innovation stretches back over eighty-five years, beginning with the development of natural flavours through fermentation and steam distillation for butter manufacturers in the US. DairyChem also uses a natural enzyme process to release and amplify the flavours locked within fresh cream, cheese, and butter. This process precisely cleaves and releases the flavour components from the product matrix, yielding all natural flavour concentrations ranging from 25 to 100 times the flavour strength of the original product. DairyChem’s products focus on delivering high intensity butter, cream, cheese, and other savoury style flavours where customers desire a low cost in use option, more pronounced flavours, or top notes to complement other flavour profiles.

With the New Zealand consumer searching for innovative flavour combinations and their taste preferences evolving, DairyChem keenly observes two distinct savoury flavour trends. The surge in demand for non-dairy alternatives is fuelling innovation in replicating traditional dairy flavours while creating new, indulgent experiences. Notably, DairyChem’s efforts in refining flavour masking properties ensure that non-dairy alternatives closely match their dairy counterparts. A second trend cited by DairyChem is the resurgence of regional differences as a driving force in flavour innovation. This resurgence inspires the development of unique flavours tailored to specific markets, sparking a search to capture the essence of renowned dairy products like New Zealand’s iconic milk and Europe’s revered profiles. As cultures continue to blend their culinary traditions on the global stage, DairyChems products can help you reimagine and enliven your flavour combinations to consumers.

With DairyChem’s dedication to delivering high-intensity taste profiles, this new range of savoury flavours promises to be a game-changer in your culinary toolkit, enabling you to create memorable and exceptional taste experiences that captivate and satisfy.

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