We are a locally owned and operated New Zealand company whose aim is simply to help our customers succeed.

We started in 1986 with a need for self-determination which continues to fuel a desire to support and contribute to a healthy and successful New Zealand food industry.

We strongly adhere to our values and this approach which has earnt the trust of customers. These values are:

  • Loyalty, respect and honesty
  • A willingness to challenge conventional thinking
  • Pride in ourselves, our company and our work
  • Persistence
  • Self-Determination

Following investment in local research and development, manufacturing facilities, expertise and the acquisition of Manor Products and Raisey Enterprises today the company is a diverse group of 50 experienced and qualified people to meet and exceed customer expectations.

How We Work

We work in a simple, open manner. We work alongside our customers to provide the right ingredients and turnkey solutions. Being New Zealanders we pride ourselves on being able to adapt ideas into locally applicable solutions in a timely manner. We can easily be at customer’s facilities to troubleshoot problems.



In an ever-changing world, we continue to monitor, understand and deliver customised ideas and solutions that allow customers to manufacture and deliver relevant and demanded consumer products. We work with various research organisations to provide ingredient innovation.



Food production operates in an evolving and growing world where the expectations of quality and food safety continue to rise. Customers and consumers want the assurance of knowing the ingredients being used are safe and legal. As a company, we see quality and safety as both the primary bottom line and a companywide responsibility. This focus is driven by robust processes, reliable manufacturing, as well as ongoing investment and training.


Supply Chain

One constant in the food industry remains a concept of timeliness. If the product is not with the customer no matter how great it is, it is of no use. A lot of effort goes into making products right but also getting them to the right place at the right time. Over the years we have proved ourselves highly capable of delivering our products when and where they are required consistently and working to deal with the urgent nature of the food industry. We are supported in this by multiple warehouses based around New Zealand. Supply is managed with clear processes around supplier and product approvals, in addition to stable relationships that ensure all involved in the supply chain are working to a common goal of delivering high-quality products to the right place at the right time.